Model Outdoor Learning Environment Coming to Glencoe Mill Village

Alamance_Glencoe_Schematic Poster_062812 (2)

When one hears a phrase like “Model Outdoor Learning Environment” many images spring to mind. To some it might sound like a glorified playground, while to others it seems a nice place to encourage youngster to become more active and appreciate the great outdoors. Lots 40 and 41 at Glencoe Mill Village will soon be home to a Model Outdoor Learning Environment, giving the community an opportunity to discover firsthand the multi-faceted benefits of a classroom without walls.

The Glencoe Mill Village Outdoor Learning Environment (“OLE”) is a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Alamance Partnership for Children. NC State University’s Natural Learning Initiative has designed the innovative space, while Living Landscapes will transform scrub brush into a unique recreation area. The City of Burlington is enthusiastic in its support.

Once completed, the OLE will be open to everyone, but is specifically designed for children ages 0 – 5. Its age appropriate features will integrate all the benefits of outdoor play with learning opportunities that cannot be experienced in a traditional classroom or daycare center. There will be an heirloom garden, a sensory garden, an adventure path, a log bridge, and much more. Stayed tuned for updates on the installation of Glencoe Mill Village’s OLE!

OLE 3.15.13


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