Tenant Highlight – Fluhrer Reed, PA

FR Logo - 7500x4500x16mil

When Mitch Fluhrer and Banning Reed, the principals at Fluhrer Reed,  first toured Pilot Mill, its renovation was still in process.  As structural engineers, they could see beyond the ongoing construction and envision a beautiful and functional workspace full of historic and architectural charm.  Since moving into Pilot Mill in 2001 and relocating three times within the building, Fluhrer Reed has found that their suite is a perfect match for their business.  Their Pilot Mill suite, with its exposed beams, has even been a selling point for potential clients!

Fluhrer Reed specializes in structural engineering, specifically the structural design of buildings.  Fluhrer Reed’s portfolio includes projects from single story structures to high rises, from churches to hotels, even the new Keystone Science Center at NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

The tough economic times of the past few years have been challenging.  Despite the ups and downs in the landscape of commercial construction and development Fluhrer Reed has thrived, successfully retaining existing clients while also adding new noteworthy clients.  Their secret really isn’t highly classified; Fluhrer Reed understands that fostering relationships is vital to their success.  They strive to nurture collaborative partnerships and take pride in being responsive to their clients’ needs and adding value to building projects.


At Fluhrer Reed, a collaborative work atmosphere permeates their offices and extends beyond work.  They are actively involved in the local community and try to get together for somewhat competitive basketball games outside the office.  When the firm wants to grab lunch, 18 Seaboard  is a favorite choice, especially since the restaurant is among their local projects.  As for the influx of food trucks, there is no consensus for a favorite, but MaMa Duke’s  and Klausie’s top the list.  Hedgehog Holdings is proud to have a tenant like Fluhrer Reed!

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