Tenant Highlight – Crittenden Opportunity Focused Marketing


Have you ever heard of Pareto’s Principle?  It is also known as the 80-20 rule, where 20% of activities produce 80% of the results.  David Crittenden of Crittenden Opportunity Focused Marketing  has leveraged this principle to produce uncommon results.  Never complacent with the status quo, Crittenden Marketing relentlessly pursues, creates, and capitalizes on unique marketing opportunities to enable their clients to achieve success that exceeds expectations.

Crittenden Marketing’s clients span the spectrum from small, relatively unknown startups to large organizations with nationwide name recognition.  Some of their accounts include The PGA Tour, The March of Dimes , NBC Sports , Duke University, the Texas Rangers , and Bear Rock Foods, just to name a few.

Crittenden 5

An example of Crittenden’s print work.

And Crittenden Marketing delivers results. Beyond bringing all of their creative forces to bear on each project, they care about the client’s bottom line when crafting an image.  Working in almost every media, they bring in the resources needed to creatively execute their strategy and achieve set objectives for their clients.

Crittenden Marketing long desired to locate their office at Pilot Mill.  However, the timing wasn’t right until just recently.  Since they are in a creative business, the beauty of the rough brick walls, the arched windows, and the high ceilings of the old cotton mill inspire their creativity.  They speculate as to why there are different paint colors on parts of the brick walls and marvel at the building’s architectural details.  Another plus is the convenient downtown location with hassle-free parking.  Hedgehog Holdings is proud to welcome Crittenden Opportunity Focused Marketing to the Pilot Mill professional community!

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