Tenant Highlight- The Other Woman


This week, Hedgehog Holdings would like to highlight a very unique tenant with space at our West Jones Street building.  The Other Woman is a business that provides assistance, whether it is laundry or cleaning out the fridge, to its clients. Set apart from their competition by their close-knit family atmosphere and flexible job duties, The Other Woman has been in business since 1988, and just moved into our West Jones Street building last month.

An exceptional quality of this thirteen person company is the way they treat their employees and their clients. The Other Woman prides itself in paying all of their workers a living wage and keeping an inclusive atmosphere; many of their cleaners also work in the office helping with day-to-day operations. While many cleaning companies have an unchanging list that their workers complete on a regular basis, these employees complete whatever tasks the client leaves for them, which could be general cleaning or something more specific, it changes every time.

The Other Woman moved into the West Jones Street building in September 2013 where they enjoy being in a house surrounded by trees, a sharp contrast from their previous locations in office buildings. They also consider the nearby coffee shop an important asset and enjoy eating at the Irregardless Café and Poole’s Diner in Downtown Raleigh.


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